Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When was the last time you looked at your photo albums?

Why not get those photo albums out of the drawers and on to your coffee tables. I found when I used film for my camera to take pictures; they just stayed in the envelope they came in. Most of us have digital cameras now. Taking pictures digitally is a great way to take pictures because we just download them onto our computers. Having them on our computers makes it much easier to go through them to find just what we're looking for. Now, going back to the pictures I had in the envelopes. I placed some pictures in albums, thinking I would enjoy them more. The pictures were out of the envelopes and into photo albums. Well, the albums also stayed in the drawers. The albums were out of sight and out of mind. Putting the pictures into photo albums did not resolve the problem; the pictures were still in a drawer.

Then, I discovered scrapbooking. I couldn't get enough, I scrapbooked and scrapbooked until my heart was content. I was so excited when my projects were done. I wanted to share them with my family and friends that I displayed them around the house for everyone to enjoy. I gave some of the albums away as gifts or my family members just had to have them.

My point is that scrapbooking our photos make looking at our memories so much more fun. It's like accessorizing when we dress ourselves. Why not accessorize with our memories by placing them in scrapbooks and telling a story. It's so much fun. The colors of the papers, the kinds of embellishments and different techniques we use to get our story told. That's what brings our memories alive. So let's get busy.....

Quote Of The Day:
"True Friendship is seen through the heart not through the eyes"


Anonymous said...

I would really like to see some examples of your scrapbooks. Can't wait to see them.

drchris said...

Hey, I can finally leave a comment! Hooray!

drchris said...

Now I can leave a comment again... so I will. I went to some of the scrapbooking sites on your website to see where to buy supplies if I ever need them.

angelinavsan said...

Yes, you are absolutely right!